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I’ve been questioning this a while? I haven’t maxed my Shawn yet and i won’t have enough to buy all the gear i need to max shawn this season so i was wondering if the special gear will still be in the shop atleast for a while longer at least until S4 ends?

It’ll be a permanent fixture in the shop, no need to rush to buy it :slight_smile:

Okay good… :sweat_smile:

Considering he doesnt work at scopley id get a confirmation from an actual employee unless this has beej answered somewhere that im unaware of.

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If the gear is changed then there will be massive backlash

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Has that stopped them before?

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It’s the format they’re following for the league toons from now on, of course it’ll stay in the shop…

Did an employee from scopley like @JB.Scopely confirm that this gear will be used for all future toons in leagues? Considering their track record i dont trust common sense. Theres alot of things we can assume about but lets be real until its confirmed we can only guess. I just dont think telling anyone anything is 100% is accurate.

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Do they ever actually listen to their player base on anything going on with the game?

You really think they’re going to create a whole new gear set every season? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, it’ll be like survival road. The same pieces needed for multiple characters.

I would hope your right. But telling someone 100% to something without knowing is how false rumors get started.
This question has been asked several times and jb hasnt confirmed this yet which likely means he doesnt know. Until im told by scopley i won’t be informing anyone that its 100%…again i hope your right because it would be stupid for them not to but look who your talking about

Imagine creating alt accounts to upvote yourself lol, I’m speaking in terms of logic. There’s no way they’re going to create a new set of gear every new season for leagues.

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Yeah I see where you’re coming from, I can’t imagine they’d allow people to buy characters and then after the season is over remove the option entirely to buy gear for them, it’d be a waste!

I’ll message JB now.

Good luck i do hope he answers and we confirmation.
Im not his buddy online chat and he clealry doesn’t answer messages on the forums so I’ve never gotten any response from him.

He’s quite popular on discord/line. Normally replies if you ask him something quick lol.

Ive backed off using line quite a bit. Seems alot of those big rooms have alot of drama. I think that since this is the actual forum he shouldn’t ignore people on here that direct message him. Kalishane at least made an attempt to answer dms even if she didn’t have a 100% accurate answer. I know line amd discord are a huge part of the community but he shouldn’t discount players who choose to use the games site.

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I hope it carries over although I did wonder. Especially as it could be specific - Nik wears a baseball cap. Luckily I don’t think either wears a letterman jacket so I think I insta-rationalised that one. I think.