Question regarding the coming expected weekend


Ok, First and Foremost: I get the Graphical issue is what precluded the last war ascendable prize from being made available and that promises were made to offer it in the next war.

My question and complaint being: With the loads of abuse that CRW brings would you offer Ascendable Prizes (To be Confirmed) to compound one issue with yet another.

CRW had matching, timing, age, and Hack/Cheat disparities in so many matches that the forums actually started playing a game of who really had it the worst.

We had two seperate issues that needed a confirmed resolution, and this can spark badly if neither of these problems is resolved. Please for the love of sanity please call off CRW until prizing is addressed and fixed. Do a normal war because War is fun, but crw is just stressful with pairings and vk warriors.


Last war Spencer was supposed to be the prize but he was not going to be immediately ascendable.

Please dont cancel Cross Region War, but instead give out great prizes. LAst CRW was the best competition we had in many months.

Ascended Shiva 1st
Non Ascended Shiva 2nd


My point being, CRW had scads of issues. Last War we had an ascendable recinded and promised on next war.

With VK heavy Facs in CRW entire regions will miss this ascendable as top 3-5 spots will get this toon if this issue is resolved.

Between heavy issues in CRW which we havent had addressed yet, theres the promise of next war for an ascendable. With a great many people complaining about Mirror or Identical teams, having a slightly increased proliferation of ascendables (By keeping prizes Regional), could give us just a slight enough variation.

Then again I only expect forum users to address this thread, i highly doubt itll catch the attention of anyone at Scopely.