Question regarding supply depot points

Is there a good way to get supply points? Just that, oh and I’m a no use your money in micropayments guy so please no money related stuff, I can explain that if you want

  • Farming world stages can drop 3* and 4* characters and weapons which can be sold for supply points.
  • Using training grounds at higher levels can drop 3*, 4*, and very rarely 5* characters
  • War crates give a good amount of supply points
  • Basic tokens can sometimes drop 3* characters and weapons

I’m probably forgetting other good avenues but this is a start.

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War is the best avenue

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To add to the others, the persona-specific Training Grounds courses can drop AR trainers, these are worth as much as a 4* in terms of supply points.

Gotcha, thank you very much

Shall i use a drop lead character or the tokens to farm stages?

I found two Allens with only salavge tokens. Gold on the very last stage. Bronze on the last stage of Chapter 19. Sandy on 14-7 with Rosa lead. There’s also Scavenger missions that have a chance to give 3⭐ character bags. There’s Second Team and Runner I believe.

Lots of war.

Run elite or legendary training non stop selling 4s and 3s

Sell fodder

3* or 4* Allen’s?

I used to dismantle weapons for duct tapes, spray paints and polishing kits…but even with territory there’s no point.
Best sell them for supply points.

Drop leaders are better than tokens