Question Regarding Dupes


Hello everyone!

This may sound like a dumb question but – where do you experience rec’ving the most dupes? Is it in Premiere Recruits, 5* Recruits, etc.

I’m trying to gather the most feedback I can so we can look into it more.

Are there characters you feel you’ve seen more dupes of than others when pulling for toons?

Thank you!

5* Token-wheel in a stash?

Most dupes I’ve seen come from 5* recruits, I’ve gotten 4 Zekes from there and a faction mate has gotten 3 Kennys from his last 4 pulls.


Thank you AlphaWolf! This is exactly what i’m looking for!


I got dupe Shiva today, dupes are sometimes nice and not the main problem. The main problem is the absolute garbage added to the wheel.

But to answer your question I got one from 5* tokens and one from elite token ( so technically not a duplicate?)


But getting dupes of a crap character can be a problem, especially when some are hoping for a knew ascendant toon in their roster


Then the answer is to remove the crap character, people wouldn’t complain about getting duplicates of good characters


I understand “crap” characters don’t feel good to pull – that’s another issue that would be addressed separately and we could continue that discussion on the 5* revamp topic.

However! I do see feedback every few days or so regarding dupes being super frustrating. With ascendance – it may feel less frustrating now. Trying to also gauge how you all feel about it these days – LiveOps wanted to know more about that feedback to take another look at it if needed.


Dupes don’t bother me now to be honest, they are guilt free assendance fodder.


Let me give you great info to take to the team
5* recruits I’ve pulled
8 Whispers Jesus
4 Poncho Ricks
5 Yellow Negan
6 Drop lead Ziek
5 Maribelles

Its an issue…
5*s are no good now but players would be a little less demoralized their entire war weekend wasnt wasted and got them an 8th Jesus, or 10th Drop Lead Ziek.


Dupes can get annoying if you’re hoping for ascension toon. When you keep pulling crap and don’t have a toon to ascend thats when frustration sets in. I can’t tell you how many Blugenes I’ve pulled in the last 6 months but its at least 4


So you’d rather pullblue eugene or vernon or Gregory? A duplicate whispers jesus and Gregory have exactly the same value to you.


Gregory helps me complete museum collection.

Also every 5* is suppose to be ascendance material eventually like to have a chance at 1 of the 27 toons outta 81 in the wheel i do NOT have.


You gotta clarify what kind of dupes we’re supposed to be looking at.

Getting dupes just from 5* tokens is very different from getting a duplicate character, of which you’ve gotten that character from other means.

From my own experience, I have not gotten a single duplicate character from 5* tokens since the revamp, but I have gotten duplicates of characters that I’ve already owned prior to the revamp. So far, the duplicate reduction seems to be working for me in the sense of 5*s.

While some complaints are valid, other complaints of dupes are merely because they’re interpreting the process of duplication wrong. Some are taking into account characters in their roster in entirely, rather than those done by strictly by pulls. (Eg: Someone a while back said he pulled his 6th Karson, although Karson was introduced just recently to his 5* tokens. His other Karsons had came from previous events, etc.)


5* tokens hands down. If I’ve pulled from that lot 10 times since ascendance, 5 of them have been Mirabelle, with 3-4/5 of the remainder being dupes as well.


Unfortunately mine are since the update…
I have 1 of every other toon really from the wheel almost then all those dupes


You’ve had 27 pulls since the update?


All of my blue Kenny’s are after they said they were going to greatly reduce the amount of duplicates and they were all from the same format using five star tokens. I’m glad that you’re not one of those who has ever pull the five star duplicate from Five Star tokens, that makes you an anomaly. Because it’s quite obvious that others are being affected by this and you have been anything but helpful on my thread to say the least. But it’s good to see that you can actually be sensible on the thread that I didn’t start which is kind of alarming to me


It would if there was a regular addition of ascendable toons. We haven’t seen anything besides paid toons for two weeks.

When ascendance was released we were led to believe there would be a regularity to old toons being released as 6s. Instead? We are all stuck with the exact same teams.

Release Glenn, rick, Joshua, and gov already. Then get cracking on your early 2018 list. Then we wouldn’t care as much as pulls would feed our roster. Right now it isn’t worth the grind.


You’re just mad because I told you that you’re perceived notion of “no duplicates at all” is false. That was my entire problem with your thread to begin with: False information. I didn’t say it’s impossible for players to get multiple duplicates, nor did I say you were lying with your claim of getting 3 Kennys. All I am is correcting you on your false notion of “no duplicates”. What I said on your thread is the exact same thing I said here. Just because you feel personally wronged doesn’t mean that I’m the bad guy.


All my last pull’s on 5* tokens wheel were duplicate’s
I think all my last 6 or 7 pulls were duplicated