Question on the so called "dupes system" that is existant?


After pulling 5 star versions of red gov, and yellow zeke from 3 year I’m starting to think that A. the anti dupes system is non existent or B. That because I have 6* zeke and gov technically they don’t consider giving me a 5* version a dupe which is an excellent scopely loophole for fucking me over, thoughts?


The problem is that most people don’t even know how the “reduced dupe” system works.


Think the problem is it should work differently


But you’re not talking about how the reduced dupe system should be changed; you’re talking about how you think the system isn’t working based on misconceptions and assumptions.


If there’s supposed to be a reduced chance but 2 dupes in a row lol yeah bud it works


Got two Aris in a row from 3 yr tokens.


#1. Dupe reduction only applies from characters that are pulled via wheels. (No clarification if it applies within 1 wheel, or it can carry over into multiple different wheels.)

So the first 5* Zeke and Governor that you had ascended to 6* we’re likely earned via collection or supply depot, correct me if I’m wrong. Therefore, they wouldn’t have factored into duplicate reduction mehanics. (If I remembered correctly, the system is retroactive either, so pulls done prior to the reduced duplicate system being introduced isn’t factored in either)

  1. Reduced duplicates is not the same as no duplicates. You can still get duplicates. Technically, if they boosted the drop rate by even .000001% for a non-duplicate, it still counts. This is something that players can actually hit Scopely on for not clarifying how impactful the system will be.


Thanks for clarifying it’s a terrible system that barely exists because it only applies to pulled chars


It’s a fixed system that will give you same toon more than once if there on your roster 5* tokens same way the amount of pulls I’ve done I should have pulled damn near every worthless toon but I don’t same thing over and over. At that I think it’s also fixed that certain people can only pull certain toons


The certain toon 1 I’ve said years a go I’ve heard people blow $800 trying to get a toon and not get them mean while


Other person can do a single or a 10 pull and get that toon


I got multipule dupes right in a row on the same pull from a wheel multipule times now so it’s not working and it’s very sad they even claim that there is a reduction at all


You didn’t read my post clearly at all. Again, you can still get duplicates. The issue is that most players seem to think that duplicate reduction makes a gigantic impact; we don’t know how much it gets reduced by so that assumption is flawed.


Here’s the dupe reduction formula. It went from 100% guaranteed dupe to 99.99%.


I have 3 govs, 4 yumiko, 4 mira, 2, barker, 3 Glenn, 2 wanderer, 3 Richard all 5* ascendible. It would be nice to get some other toons maybe more useful ones. I’m not sure how the dupe system works, but maybe could use an overhaul, or maybe my luck needs an overhaul.


I think i got spencer and then koa. Didnt have both yet. I hardly pulled any dupe from the rts wheel either


Its a fine line, there are some promos folks try to get multiples of…


d00d I read it the systems actually garbage, being able to stack toons is lame seeing 2 magnas is getting old too


Well then your 1 of the amounts I was talking about that doesn’t pull dupes and scopley gives you better luck than most


I have a other account I barely play pulls ascended from 5* token wheel about 50% of the time