Question on taunt and focus

If a character has a 3 turn taunt on them and no other status effects and is then attacked and focus stun is triggered granting focus to that character. Does focus now override that 3 turn taunt, even though taunt was applied first?

Yes it will.


Focus will override Taunt and Confuse. If the number of turns for Focus is less then Taunt, then once Focus is over, the toon will go back to being Taunted or Confused.


Thanks! For some reason I was thinking it would follow normal order of Operations. I knew if you had focus you couldn’t be confused or taunted but guess I didn’t think it completely overrides it. Surprised I don’t see it happening more.

Yup… and it’s not a bug :blush:

Just to add a bit more precision: Focus is not a form of resist taunt/confuse. The taunt/confuse still happens; it just has no effect while focus is active. They are still taunted/confused, and will, for example, get a bonus from ATK while taunted or Def while confused mods. Moreover, if the focus runs out before the taunt/confuse does, the already existing taunt/confuse will work as usual after that


What ^ he said

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