Question on slot 3 and 4 reflects, 120% and 250%

I have asked support, and surprise surprise they haven’t got a clue.

Basically yellow weapons, does the reflect 80/120% stack with the 5* slot reflect when dazed?

@GR.Scopely please help

I’ve been wondering how reflect works after getting a 50% reflect mod. Is this like other skills where 50% isn’t “really” 50%, but a relative value that tails off as the value increases, approaching but never actually hitting 100%?

If the weapon has 80%, does it actually reflect back 80% when it fires, or is it also one of those nebulous, “Yeah, it says 80%, but that’s really based upon other reflect values and never really hits 80%…”?

It will reflect whatever amount it says. Crit is the exception because it’s normally not stated as a % and follows a decreasing marginal returns curve.

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