Question on priya's weapon 4th slot

So I managed to get this (never intended tho lol , I wanted where she ignores def buffs) … what does her this stat actually mean ? I see +20% atk on every hit she makes , she shows +20% atk three times on her rush , I was thinking to add crit mod but my question is does this +20% atk buff stack , like even for only 1 turn bcoz if it doesn’t then why give her atk buff lol ! Need an explanation to what her stat means, thank you .

She gets +20% atk after she hits , so if it doesn’t goes into her next turn, it’s useless. Wanted to know if it’s useful for basic atks or rush or both ?

Characters have a base Crit stat of 10 which is translating into 20% Attack. Try her with a Crit mod, because around 30 should therefore add another 60% attack

Ahh shit wait. That’s not 20%. That’s 20…


It doesn’t stack. Doesn’t make any difference when you have no crit mod equipped. My experience with her is, if crit mod is equipped her damage output is at times higher. Not all 3 AR attacks at once of course.

This isn’t very good. So toons have a crit Chance of 10 naturally, if you run a crit lead that’s +36 more and say Hershel who rushes for +50 more crit. 200% is (10+50+36) x 2 damage = 192 more damage.

I doubt they increase atk stat to 192% @Link

It would be +192 atk stat not 192%

Which, on a Priya that can easily hit 12k with mods, leader and weapon boosts, is fuck all

Yeah I noticed it later , it’s atk and not atk % … it’s useless since the other one gives 20% on every basic atk … which is more than 200 atk

I had that one it’s useless I reset her weapon

the 30% boost of your att of your missing hp works better.
last stage/normal attack on same toon/different hp

no it’s not the attack stat, flat attack 192 more damage not %

I hot that and it’s brutal!


cant you translate that plz

Hits 2 enemies when critting, splash dmg in easy words

Already done … I had only one free varnish…I will just make her atk up instead… wasted my grease and parts lol… I won’t b trying again until I have like 5 varnishes do I know even if I fail , I can try again otherwise failing on ur only one turn feels bad

It’s they Best improovement of attacking… she hits 3 with criticar Aldo work with they AP

podrías poner vídeo o decirme como funciona esta mejora? estoy pensando esa o la mutilar pero no sé cual sea mejor! por favor!

Cuando tira crítico ataca a 3 incluso cuando tira la carga hay probabilidad de que le tire a tres