Question on order of operations for stat boosts

I’m trying to optimize a team I have in order to get to S10 from S9++ and running in to a bit of an issue.

Example character: Maxed Donny.
Base attack 2275, defense 1462, health 1679.
Mods give + 415 attack, +515 health and set bonus of +650 attack for the following:
3340 attack / 1462 defense / 2194 health

Everything adds up here so far. However, when I add a weapon is where everything goes awry.
I apply a +40% attack / +20% stun gun the attack goes up to 4325 and defense 1754. I can’t for the life of me figure out how this is applied.

Is the % addition applied to base attack/defense or the value increased using mods? Either way the numbers don’t seem to work right. If its applied to the base attack stat that would give an increase of 910 for a total of 4250. If it’s applied directly to the boosted stat with the mods I should be at 4676, but I am at 4325, somewhere in the middle.

I’ve tried this but may be I don’t understand something with the order. I haven’t even gotten in to the leader stat boost as the weapon part is throwing me off.

I worked this out at one point but didn’t go the extra mile of making a note of my results.

From what I recall, mods take effect last. So, stat changes from mods aren’t affected by weapons or leadership bonuses.

Have you got full 15 gold mods and weapons powers ranging from 390 to 430? Btw mods come to effect last.

I just tried it mods were applied first, leader bonus second then then weapon bonus

Sorrry an amendment it’s is base stats, mod bonuses, leader bonus, weapon bonus then mod set bonus

This might help…

Hmm if I try that it still doesn’t work

((Base Attack 2275+415 Mod attack bonus)1.4 leader bonus1.4 Weapon bonus)+650 mod attack bonus=5922

that’s higher than 5629 that displays

And according to the video posted above it’s (base stat * leader * weapon) + mods, but even that’s wrong

(2275 * 1.4 * 1.4) + 415 + 650 = 5524, again not the 5629 that displays

(Base x lead x weapon) + mod boost(set bonus and the individual stat mod)

Yea this is the closest but it’s still off. It’s saying I’m off by 100 or so. And this isn’t just one character, this is everything I’ve tried.

This is bc you have a weapon upgrade…

This is the thing I discussed in my video with weapons being weird… would actually be
(2275 * 1.4 * 1.3 *1.05 * 1.05) + 415 + 650

Each upgrade to the stat on weapon is it’s own multiplier

Oh ok I didn’t see the part about the weapon upgrades, thanks.

I didnt get into it in the video so it wouldnt overload people with too much at once. Just said weapons are a bit different if they have been upgraded. But yeah this is how it works:

Ok so just so I’m 100% sure the 1.4 is the leader bonus, 1.3 is the original +30% attack and the 1.05 is each upgrade of 5% rather than the 40% overall right?

Leader bonus if is 40% would be 1.4
Weapon would come standard with 30% would be 1.3 then upgraded 2x once with 5% and 5% next time so 1.05 and 1.05
Base = 2275
Lead = 1.4
Weapon = 1.3 × 1.05 × 1.05

(2275 × 1.4 x 1.3 × 1.05 × 1.05) + mods = final stat


Does that answer your question?

Yep perfect, this helps so much!

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Wow. I never realized that they’d implemented weapon improvements as multipliers. That’s crazy.

Yeah but it is only upgrades to current stats. Not the adding/replacing or special stats but just upgraded stats. So if you have a 10% and replace/change it to a 30% that would be applied normally with 30% (1.3). If you upgrade the 10% with a 5% increase for total of 15% that’s when you use the extra multiplier (1.10 for the 10% and 1.05 for the added upgrade of 5%)

So example with the replaced stat weapon is 1.3
With upgrade would be 1.10 × 1.05

Does that make sense?

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Does that make sense?

Well, I understand what you’re saying but I’m not sure it makes sense. :sweat_smile:

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