Question on museum collections for Priya

No problem, good luck! :slight_smile:


The only items lost are the cakes.

really? i always thought if i trade my priya in for s class collectibles that i’d lose her and have to grind all over again for another lol

Naw, just look at each item and if it has the Red ! it is consumed, everything else stays.

You only lose the 6* when you trade in for S Class.

thanks man… that really made my day

Yes, you won’t lose her. The 2 6-Star Priya are supposed to be traded for the S-class version of her

5* toon is about as much as a Burt, and 4* about two thirds.

i’m so close to s priya now cause of that. appreciate it a lot. ty

sure. But its unlikely you get her to tier 4 level 90 for s class in 6 days let alone gear

With 8900 you’ve definitely got enough in basic tokens! It’s food and gear that might be the issue

Dont trade it and try to grind her to t4 lvl 90. S class are hard
T1 90
t2 110
t3 130
t4 150
Meaning you have to waste money on trainers to max s class out.
So just claim s class shards for her non s. Than get the s class.
Dont use all 2 for one s class which will be really hard to level up.

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