Question on museum collections for Priya

I have 2 6* priya at level 90. I was about to trade in for her S Class version but then saw she was in the museum to redeem for cakes.

If I have enough cakes I can get both, right? But I’m wondering if this is even possible. Is it realistic that I could trade in the 2 6* Priya and then level/tier up the S class version before the collection expires?

I could have done that both on Priya and Aarav collections. But the grind on an S class is insane.
So I never risked it.
My hoard of trainers have been depleted and my training grounds definitely doesn’t have enough to max and S class in 7 days.

You will only get red velvet cake 56 as the 57 requires the S-Class version of Priya. Once you hit the 500 red velvet cake and level 90 6 star Priya, you should be able to get the choice box rewards with 1,100 S-Class collectibles. Your 6-Star Priya won’t be lost but will just be recognized by the collection and you should still trade her for the S-Class version

Ok yeah that’s my concern. I have just enough to get the 6* version, but not enough to get the S class if I do it also. I’d need more cakes and I don’t think there’s any other way to get them right now, right?

You can get cakes from a $20 offer that’s up. Or from pulling from the premier wheel, also there is a territory event this week, possibly cakes will be there. … I hope :joy:
I have 251, exactly enough for S class Priya.

I did it for both Priya and Aarav. It takes a lot of food/trainers, but it’s doable.
About cakes, 250 should be feasible if they put them up in today’s territories event

i did it last time priya was up. If you have a lot of basic tokens they are awesome for leveling up s class

Yes, if you have the resources and enough cakes, you can do both.

Possible, if you have tons of gear & tons of trainers, or the means to get them. And I mean tons

theres also a territory event today that usually gives out red cakes and will finish before the musuem event does

Rough calculation (using the data from the calculator) says 100 Benedicts or thereabouts should do it. A lot, but not that much in the grand scheme of things. Of course, it’s quite possible that 100 Benedicts could give you a lot more than 1.1k cards, and without using up your cake.

Yeah I just got sclass Priya today and I’m going to power level her during this level up tourney. Will be coining ygl and burning trainers. I don’t have enough Bennies, but I’ve been hoarding the other trainers. Also got 8900 basic tokens, so I hope there’s enough fodder there lol.

It’s quite possible to level an sclass in a week, because I did that for Pete :joy:

8900 whoa. Not sure how many I have but it’s not that high.

What is the benefit in the basic tokens? Are you leveling them up using the 3/4/5 star characters or doing something else?

You can send message to support and ask how many basic tokens you have. :slight_smile:

I use 3* and 4* toons to level 6*, and 5* to level sclass. I also use 5* as ascending fodder, instead of using Bennies.

Maxed Pete (sclass) in five days. Also for a museum’s collection. Had to refresh certain gear in league store one time. You can do it when you use the lvl up territories, and have loads of survivors + world energy cans to use for farming survivors.

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I’ve usually been selling my 3* and 4 * characters but I’ll see about using them to help level them up. Are they worth much more than 2* from training grounds?

Yup, 3* and 4* give more level up points than 2* from training grounds. I am not sure how many points because I haven’t done calculations in awhile lol.

Ok great, well hopefully I can make it but if not no big deal I’m sure she’ll come around again in the future.


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if i trade my priya in for s class collectibles she won’t be lost? hmmm