Question on leagues



I am in a region where we have an armory faction that we visit to craft. Will we be locked in our faction during leagues or just during faction events like now




Those types of factions are incredibly inefficient. Just have a region-wide agreement to take the crits whenever you need them and don’t stack more than 1-2 teams in at a time. Works wonders in both regions I’ve been.


I’ve never understood why people want to go to so much trouble with the crafting faction. So simple to just place one team and anyone can take whenever they want


How is Barrow mate?


It actually works well for Albert’s


Aside from visiting armory we like to visit friends in other factions as well


Going well! Having fun playing with new people. It was refreshing being able to get out of a region I was in for 3 years.


If only there were a channel where you could talk to everyone in the region.


Marion we don’t do 1 faction thing been there done that it doesn’t work 1 team in crit lands we have been doing for some time now it works the best


Well what ever faction controls it only allowed 1 team in there and don’t do dick moves of leaving it to walkers


That is the worst thing to have!!! JB himself told us this game was not designed for people to faction hop as much as they do. If you get stuck in a crafting faction that is your own fault and you should take it up with the other people in your region because everyone else shouldn’t have to suffer just because your region is foolish.


What do you all do during events no1 allowed to craft


Team events


I would think its far easier to just pop into the faction, craft, disassemble etc, then pop back to your faction. Worked well for a long long time here, no need to waste energy or time


I guess what ever works in your region I’m in region lots of people don’t like leaving there factions


Very true mate, some regions you wouldnt be able to have an arrangement like ours I guess. Whatever works :slight_smile:


We went thru the faction idea b4 didn’t work here and 3 factions only allowed to hold it didn’t work. Had literally wars over them lands for months.


Lol just noticed no one has actually answered the posters question :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty sure I read you are not stuck in a faction for months, that would be insane.


We are lucky I guess, top 10 factions created an alt account each and created the faction with those 10 representatives.