Question/Idea about update/refresh supply depo?


Supply depo is boring and almost everyone have those Ascendable characters who is in SD.
We need to refresh SD.Can you do that?
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

My idea:
Add new weapons with stun/impar/abs deff etc
Add to slot 1 SR cans and terretory cans.
Remove requirement on slot 8( prestege 12) and put new requirement lvl 125 or 150 to unlock this slot
Add 2 new slots with 6* gear and Lilith/ulysses or active skill trainers
Add new 5* ascendable characters to depo:

7 days refresh time is Tooooo fkn long so i gues 3 days is good.


Would love to see those ascendables as they are pritty much useless but I still want them. Would of preferred rise to power rick in siddiq’s spot


Not everyone has all the toons in supply depot. So keep them in there but expand the range please.


This is wishful thinking at best. They would never add Mackenzie or erika to depot…


McKenzie still useful on Def with right setup and Erica still good for attack revive an healer and siddiq is awesome so cant see it…

Plus scopely would be updating an old feature they can’t even fix bugs in them this will never happen lol


It could be my imagination but has the can quantity dropped from 6.

Mine refreshed last night and I could have sworn I only pressed buy 3 times on the raid cans. I pretty much do it on autopilot if the cans are there, so hopefully I am wrong and I just pressed buy more times than I thought.


I’m sure I got 6 when mine refreshed a few days ago… Hopefully u r wrong lol


No thanks!!!
Then everyone use ■■■■■■■ annoying stun , abs def and impair weapons and 5 erika teams , bunch of Mackenzie , Shivas
It kill game for sure!!!


Don’t agree with the weapon slots, they’d never do it as players in new regions will still pay top dollar for them. Remove the useless persona trainers and bring in Lilith/Ulysses. I’d welcome a new batch of toons, but IMO they need to reduce the weekly timer as you’ll more than likely never see any of them since there are so many.


Would be good if they took out all the non ascendable 5s or put them in the slots where 4s are instead

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