do ppl have double shot on red?


Been seeing this alot this war


Why not share a pic - which shouldn’t be hard if you’re “seeing it a lot”. Would help us to help you.

It’s either:

  • a bound weapon which comes with a weapon skill not usually associated with the trait (e.g. Shield Jesus coming with AP down)
  • a cheat
  • you’re totally mistaken

And a simple pic would help identify which


SeEmS lEgIt
(Not my toon or wep)


The topic says double shot on red… :man_facepalming:


It still needed to be pointed out…


how this weapon makes without a cheat…




Oh you didn’t know they put that on tough toons weapons now?


what faction is doing this? :thinking:


i have seen that many times even in raid

I always thing it is either bug. Cheat. Or VK


Red Louis has a double shot weapon


His weapon is default


Red Sandy comes with double attack


I seen many Mira with double shot


louis ar allows him to take two independent hits when he rushes. louis himself does not have double attack. that would be a sweet addition though having that mf hit a potential x4 when procced.


Hey, shield Magna with stun is back! You know, for hackers… :neutral_face:


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