Question for top factions of the game

Just trying to get an idea about something. Say at the beginning of a war you attack tower first, and then proceed to start attacking the camps. Within the first 3 mins of war including the 30 seconds to take tower, how many points can you get within those first 3 mins. 5k 6k 7k 8k 9k? Thanks for the response in advance.

I forgot to add you’re taking on the usual top defenses.

Def doesn’t matter to these guys and girls there attacks are so good it’s boom boom boom next

Yep. Kill every team in 3 rounds and move on. If your attack plan gets screwed up by RNG just flee and go to next one

Typically matches last less than 10 min total if its done right and no one insta pops

I have seen one faction score 14k today in 3 mins. they are Ranked in top 10 for the season

5 mins if your warring the top 5

We have a goal to finish all 8 camps in 4 minutes, 5 minutes tops.

We funish in 4-5vmin so in 3 minutes we normally have around 20k points. Probably more never really check

Ok so say 4 or 5 mins is the time it takes you to go around both camps, your points are at about 6200 somewhere around there if your gen, otherwise less than 6k. And then you are on cooldown at that point. And most lkely camp a is destroyed so your cooldown is on gen in camp b most likely. Hope youre still following me. From my experience that cooldown is around 1 min to wait to do the 9th attack. So how is someone scoring 9k points in 3 mins after taking a tower.

Maybe i didnt make it clear, i am talking about individual player, not as a team.

Easy answer. The most you can get if your gen and apply to a tower is around 7100

And yes, it’s very doable in 3 minutes.


There’s some additional points for camp destroys and streaks, depending on which score you’re looking at. I’ve never calculated it out, but have heard in the 7.5k range is max. There’s a little fudge factor with time discrepancy (even factionmates can see several seconds delay in their timers), but over 9k in 3 minutes I’d definitely chalk up to someone manipulating something.

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Camp destroys don’t affect your war score to my knowledge. Most I have gotten is 7100. Most are 6983 or something like that. I guess if your super fast and your faction doesn’t kill gen A, you could get a 9th hit in.

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I’ve cleared 8 camps and had to wait on cool down timers back on first camp before. So that timer is the limiting factor for scoring.

Wiped factions in 3:30 or a bit less as well.

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I’m sure it doesn’t happen in your faction, but if gen A is up you could reach 7,700 or so. I can’t see anything above that.

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If you are a general+placed team in tower, most of the time 2:45 - 3:30 for time is the normal for an all 8 round robin and I usually see around 6400 to 7400 points.

Non-general, you are looking at 5300-6400 depending on tower team placement.


Yeah that falls in 10 or less lol bur depends on towers too and again if yhe gen insta coins. Id say its either quick fights or long battles with big scores

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