Question for kalishane


Who is your favourite 5*? @kalishane


I honestly really love Teresa and 5* Shiva. I don’t have 6* Shiva but if I did, she’d probably be my favorite 6* even though I can’t give her a special weapon like others. :,(


Ive got Stun on Attack on my Shivas claws and I love using her!! She’s easily my favorite 6* to date <3


-30 Ap gud too.




Least favorite 5*?


Yeah, but stun can be her weakness if she’s confused. Ended up stunning my whole team during confuse and lost. Lol


hahaha! That’s a harder question for me to answer – because of all the frustration she causes – maybe Priya? That being said – I really like her design both combat-wise and visually.


Me too although I have found that my 6* Shiva can slap her quickly enough to stop her now which makes things more manageable.


That’s awesome!

Good to know!


Thanks to 6* Priya isnt that annoying like earlier… 2 Priyas 2 Shields and Command was kinda annoying, if both priyas can use her AR nearly every round… And i often saw all 5 teammates hitting themselfes like a bunch of kids.