Question for JB or any other mod reguarding diego stash

For whatever reason, the first offer didnt show up on the first day of event. I waited and waited and still nothing. Then on 2nd day i see i have offer 2/7 for the diego offer. Now im absolutely positive i didnt purchase rhe 1st offer. I contacted support to ask why im seeing 2nd offer when i never purchased the 1st one. The proceed to waste my time telling me offers are player specific. I tried to explain i didnt see how an offer for a toon in the museum would be player specific, and they in typical scopley fashion stuck to their guns repeating 7 times that its a player specific offer. I would like access to the first offer because im not taking my chances in yhose garbage bags they have up for green keys. So i want to know what i can do to rectify this whole mess.

@Sags82 im not a mod but i can confirm that the first offer for diego was up. What region are you in? Because in mine (walker en) the green key did pop up.

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Im in Autuaga and everyone i talked to also had the first offer. It has to be an error on their part and instead of accepting responsibility, they continue to claim its player specific.

Wait are you sure? Im pretty sure you might have missed it dude. The first key appears on the 26 of feb. Were you online at that time?

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Yea i was on when everyone was buying that first offer. I must have restarted game 100 times that night waiting for it to pop up. The strange thing is i have the 2nd offer up now. Hows that possible when i didnt buy the first one.

Then this has to be some kind of bug. Scopes likes money so when a collection of this magnitude pops up they make no mistake. Its why i had a little suspicion. What your saying sounds true so its probably on their part. Only thing to do is hope they have an extra key offer after the all 7 keys are sold.

They have the 3 green keys in bags but with 1.5 % chance to get it, im not gonna even waste my time. Worst part is i wanted all those mods that were in that first offer offer.

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I bought all 10 of those bags (i know i know, wasn’t preapred to jump on the offers though)

As expected no extra keys :joy:

I think the offers are time based, and not sequential. First offer was up first 24 hours, second offer now for second 24 hours (possibly with a short overlap).

Sucks you didn’t get the first one, assuming you were stupid enough to be suckered into the trap (it’ll get expensive by the last one) and it’s a stupid system by Scopley to be honest.

edit: by “not sequential” I mean it is not a case that you buy offer 1 then offer 2 appears etc etc like they have done in the past

I wast even planing on gettingall the offers, i just really wanted those mods. Oh well thats $5 extra for my next purchase of meth.

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Hahahaha yea i kinda figured those keys weren’t gonna be in rhere

Faction mate got three. All others missed so far lol

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