Question for Colbert Region

Top faction looking to move to a more active region, Colbert seems to be a happening place. Was thinking about starting a second account there to see whats doing. Frankly don’t have that kind of time. Hoping to see how the region is with honest feedback Thank you!

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I’ve been in Colbert for 2.5 years (or around that time). It’s a nice region, come here if you like. We lower defense on events. Weapon territories are shared.

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All I can say is the place isn’t bad. You wont be a top faction there as Abusement Park is probably the top overall faction in the game. So if you are cool with battling it out to try and take first, then its the place for you

Awesome! We like to War and earn our place in tourneys.

I love it over here, it’s pretty relaxed and everyone seems to get along.

I miss Colbert, its a great region. Very friendly

I lol’d. 7c


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