Question for big pockets

Had some tapjoy coins lying around and pulled aarav :>. Then I noticed in that 40 pull I got 200 of his collection. Is that possibly right that it takes like 30 big pulls to s class him? Was I maybe unlucky but that seems pretty absurd or really bending the rules of publishing odds tbh.

No hablo bucket

That is most definitiv right

Well you would only need to push to 100 pulls to get second toon, that’d would depend on luck to complete the 6000 cakes (ouch!) You’d need to S-class him probably around $500-1500

Yes thats right and therefor you need the cake missions to complete the s-class

It also makes that coin offer a complete joke. You probably have 5 aaravs or more before you have the items to s class him.

I never expected to s class him but you would think 500 bucks or so would be top of the mark for a character. 3k that is beyond absurd.

Don’t say never, take the scenery route and prepare for tournaments when his collectibles are up, enjoy your 6s meanwhile, congrats

By pulling Aarav, you technically already got 2000 of his collection item. Imagine those who didn’t pull him and only got 200!

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