Question for Aris owners re: special stat

Bonus def and ap gain is counterproductive.

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I just want to understand: how would it be counter-productive?

I am probably not going to keep the current bonus. Absolute defense is what I’m chasing in the end. And there are many pros with obtaining it vs. keeping my weapon the way it is.

And when that does happen, I will be changing it to AP increase on attack and extra defense.

I just want to know how it would be counter-productive? Wouldn’t she be able to take more hits and as such, get AP up faster?

If you use AP when damaged, you WANT to take damage, so HP is better. Defense reduces damage received, hence a reduction in the AP bonus.

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I did not know that gains are reduced in relation to HP loss. Wow. Dude, thanks so much.

I’d just say go for abs on her after you get at least one abs on a free weapon

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Per combat thread:

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I am trying for AB def on her and i will place huge bonus when attacking instead of when taking damage.

If for some reason i cannot get AB DEF then i will just add huge bonus when attacking and when taking damage and place her along with carl and hope it work’s Might change the defence for HP if it come’s to that

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AP gained when taking damage is a % of max HP. Both +HP and +def lower AP gained when taking damage.

If your toon has 2000 HP and takes 1000 damage, they will gain 25 AP. Stick a +30% HP weapon on that toon, and they will gain only 19 AP from that same 1000-damage attack.


When your AD blocks an incoming hit, your character gains 1 AP. The attacking character gains 0.


so basically AD is contradicting huge bonus when taking damage. It also seems that based on your explanation, huge bonus when taking damage is pretty crappy and that it’s always better to use when attacking since you can get either +20 for large and +30 for huge. Correct?

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I also have Aris but I’m reluctant to spend any materials on her wep because well, she’s so freak’n slow and I"m not sure how viable she is going to be in raids or defense. sure she’s a tank but what’s so great about a tank when you can just take out the entire team and leave her for last since she’s not going to rush till the last toon.

Dont stop fighting Nazi tactics. :+1:

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Ap boost when taking damage has it’s uses like for taunt toons that will keep getting attacked and having their ars charged but in that case you want to go hp on the weapon so you have more health and less defense to receive and absorb more damage while your ar is recharging. However ap boost when attacking is much more versatile and better overall.

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With the new Specialist Skill disarm (Bruce, though I’m sure more will follow), am I right in thinking a special slot 35% def would still kick in if disarmed but AD wouldn’t? Or is it all slot three specials?

Clearly wasn’t that obvious.Your contribution has been noted however and the community thanks you for you wonderful insight. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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You’re putting words in my mouth :slightly_smiling_face:. I did not state any opinion on what is the best mod because the best mod highly depends on who the weapon is for, whether it’s offense or defense, and what the rest of the team is. I was simply explaining that there is a logical flaw in the statement “+def works against AP gain on getting hit so do +HP instead”.

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Everyone has been so helpful. Two years playing this game and I’m still learning a lot!

No, it can also be disarmed.

Got lucky with absolute on first attempt.


@Slade What an amazing weapon!! Please let me know how it works in action after this CRW please. Gz!