Question for Aris owners re: special stat

So, going for absolute defense, I landed this. And now I’m torn. Do I keep trying to go for Absolute Defense or leave it as is? She’s incredibly tanky now and is the last to die most matches. Otherwise, I stall out and win. When her and Wyatt are going off, the health boosts are pretty insane. I’ve seen Aris hit 2k extra health, which wasn’t happening before. She was averaging 1200 extra health before match end.

I will eventually have Maggie on my team with my absolute defense weapon. But I’m super torn as to whether I should keep pursuing absolute defense for Aris or not. Pros vs. cons?

To add, it is my understanding that if she were to have absolute defense, she won’t be gaining AP when getting a defensive 0 hit. True or not?

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Worry about getting non-toon locked special weapons first, especially if that weapon is working good for you.

It’ll be a relief to have some absolute defense weapons you can use on any future yellow you might get, that you might like even more than Aris


The stat will make her very tanky, but enemies can still charge their Ar on her. Thats what makes AD so useful is the lack of damage being done and the fact the enemy gains no AR. Thst stat also doesn’t work when on an AR overall.


Badass answer, thanks Alfred! Yeah, a part of me worries that although I just hit 125, I may never get absolute defense for Aris and instead, waste all my weapons crafting resources on her and then losing this incredibly useful one.


Okay, so although she does get tanky, you’re saying that absolute defense does have it’s benefits especially in preventing others to gain AP. Hmmm…I will have to really think long and hard on this. Thanks bud.

As @ThatDudeYouKnow mentioned, if you leave that stat, she’ll turn into a Wyatt-type ap gaining punching bag… I’m 0/6 going abs def for my Aris. If you’re a purist and want that top-shelf def team, I’d keep going for abs def. Without it, she’ll not only be your Achilles, but will likely die early - which is counterproductive to her specialist skill.

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Great point! I’ve seen this happen where she becomes a punching bag for the other team and they’ve used her to take out my other guys before taking her on! I think you nailed it for me.

@Raz Keep pursuing AD imo. That special stat is nice at the start of a battle but as it goes on it holds less and less merit. If you want something that hangs around the fight till the end/when she dies then AD is what you really want as it will also stop any AP generation to whoever attacks you and 0 damage to your teammates who are attacked.

But then again I am a huge fan of AP when attacking than AP when being attacked as AD and AP while being attacked does not have the best of synergy.

Hope that helps.

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Massive help, going to keep going for absolute defense!!!

AdD is the best a yellow can get but consider that most greens are running stun on attack and Shiva can use active skill stun. I use my shiva’s to stun AD toons then wipe them out. Stun makes AD not work at all.

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If you’re going for a timeout/tank defense, the bonus D in slot 3 does make sense. Tank builds don’t do much damage, so it’s likely your opponent will have enough HP throughout the battle to ensure that Aris is getting the additional 35%. The trade off is that she’s assuredly a punching bag, and her very high defense will prevent an AP when damaged mod from being too effective.

I’d keep that for now, and work on weapons that aren’t locked.


Bonus def and ap gain is counterproductive.

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I just want to understand: how would it be counter-productive?

I am probably not going to keep the current bonus. Absolute defense is what I’m chasing in the end. And there are many pros with obtaining it vs. keeping my weapon the way it is.

And when that does happen, I will be changing it to AP increase on attack and extra defense.

I just want to know how it would be counter-productive? Wouldn’t she be able to take more hits and as such, get AP up faster?

If you use AP when damaged, you WANT to take damage, so HP is better. Defense reduces damage received, hence a reduction in the AP bonus.

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I did not know that gains are reduced in relation to HP loss. Wow. Dude, thanks so much.

I’d just say go for abs on her after you get at least one abs on a free weapon

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Per combat thread:

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I am trying for AB def on her and i will place huge bonus when attacking instead of when taking damage.

If for some reason i cannot get AB DEF then i will just add huge bonus when attacking and when taking damage and place her along with carl and hope it work’s Might change the defence for HP if it come’s to that

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AP gained when taking damage is a % of max HP. Both +HP and +def lower AP gained when taking damage.

If your toon has 2000 HP and takes 1000 damage, they will gain 25 AP. Stick a +30% HP weapon on that toon, and they will gain only 19 AP from that same 1000-damage attack.


When your AD blocks an incoming hit, your character gains 1 AP. The attacking character gains 0.