Question bout war


So you can only have 10 people in war. 8 battleing and 2 as support right? What is it called when the other team have 16 in?


Reserves or ‘support’ does literally nothing


Oh i get that but i thought limit was 10 not 16?


You could have 8 in war party and 22 in reserves if everyone is online


No limit on reserves


Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure the only thing the extras get to do is get some of the rewards the others pull in, but they can’t attack, and anyone can rebuild as long as they are in your faction, reserves or not.


Awesome rundown thank you


Even if you miss the que and aren’t in as a reserve you can still specate and repair anyway you just don’t get the 1 war crate that the reserves in the que get.


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