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If you have two guardian 2 characters in your attacking team they never can hit a critical damage at the same round.
Is this intended or a bug or just bad luck?

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Only two Guardian shields can be applied per turn if that’s what your getting at?


If my Eze hits critical my Glenn can’t and otherwise


From the combat guide on this forum. Full of useful tips and explanations.

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So it’s intended


So what you are actually talking about is, that only one of them can crit and not that only one of them does their shields, right? (No idea how you could misunderstand it, but seeing the 2 replies before me, I guess its possible to do so)

Might be the developers clumpsy way to programm the game without the need to get too deep into it and do actual good programming. They might just have blocked the 2nd guardian from getting a crit when there was a shield procc in that turn already, instead of doing the logical thing and just blocking the shield procc from happening.

Over how long of a period did you test this, or did you just do a few fights and came to that conclusion? (I never used 2 guardians as I think it is a wasted slot, so I have no experience with this)

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No, this is not the case. His question has been answered. You can have as many Guardian IIs on your team as you want, and they can all attack with a critical hit, but a maximum of two shield’s can be applied per turn as per the combat guide. I think OP simply implied it was the critical hit that was not occurring, when it is the application of shields which does not occur

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Yeah, but you are just thinking that he may mean that, yet nowhere does he talk about the shields, but simply about the critical hit itself.
But good to know that they can actually critically hit, even when the shields were procced already. I actually did not expect that from this poorly coded game.


Yes it is intended


User error. I brought both Guardian Glenn and Zeke into raids and had them both Crit on the same turn.

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I wasn’t trying to be an ass by posting those screenshots. You’d know if I was. Thought that’s what he meant.

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