Question aboyt Priya!

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if (IF) I get Priya S-class, I need 2 of Priya 6* - can I then use them all in attack? I mean: Priya S-class Lead, and double Priya?

You lose the 6* Priya, you can get 2 s class Priya but you need to give four 6* Priya


The 2 maxed 6* are converted to the s sclass. You don’t keep then.
You can then get 2 more but if you do, you wanna convert them to a 2nd sclass. 2 sclass are better than 1 sclass and 2 6*


If the museum collection has a red exclamation mark on it, it’s consumable. The 2 6* Priyas are.

Hence I suppose you’re going all out for her.

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ah okay :slight_smile: So I loose 2 6* Priya for 1 S-class, make sense.

What about that Bruce Allan&Cooper colletion for 1100 IceCream? Will I loose him too?

Not at all… Not an S Class… Bruce will always be Bruce :woozy_face:


No you wont lose him :slight_smile: Already got 2nd priya, such a grind!

Most of the answers you seek can be found in game. For example… Here’s the priya one, pointed out the exclamation marks for you.

And the above, Bruce does not have the exclamation mark.


thank you:)

In the museum, if there is a red ‘!’ that means it’s consumable. BAC is not, but double 6* priya is for the S class

I just want to know why it takes 4,000 ice cream for a 5☆ Priya & only 2,000 for an S-Class Priya? All other 5☆ collection toon’s take a smaller amount of things needed to get them. While all other S-Class toon’s take a larger amounts of things to get them.

They both end up 10k of collectibles so who cares.

Both Priya and Raulito S class cost the same total.

But you only get 1 Priya at a time. Don’t you?
4,000 ice creams for 1 Priya.

For said 5* version not S -Class all take 2 5* versions and collections of each said toon to acquire S-Class version

4,000 ice cream for the first Priya
4,000 ice cream for the second Priya
2,000 ice cream for the S-Class (which needs to be the ultimate goal, as S Class are going to wipe the floor with 6*s).

In the grand scheme of things, assuming the same rate of collectibles, you’ll have a semi-usable Raulito for longer than you’d have a semi-usable Priya, and you’ll have double semi-usable Raulitos before you’d get double semi-usable Priyas. But, who cares?

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Worth it for 200coins ?

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If 20 Torches is your Goal

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