Question about world energy

Lets say i have a max of 50 world energy and i have 47 left if I use a can will it just stop at 50 or would it exceed and go to 97.

Stop at 50 iirc. You can go over the cap when you level up


This update came out January 2019. Using a can will put you over your cap.


97 and no regeneration of world energy until you get below 50, your original cap.

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Ok thanks i thought it would go over but i wanted to make sure

Not fully related to your question (since that has been already answered), but if you level up, besides increasing the energy cap (every 5 levels) you got your energy refilled / overfilled too.
Lately, I noticed that the overfill seems to have reduced significantly - if you level up at zero energy, you still get your world energy fully filled up, but if you leveled up at or close to max, you get only cca 25% overfill

Not sure if the same scaling overfill would be used on normal refills too (since I am at 98 energy, I rarely use a can when above 20 and so far all refills overfilled correctly)

I haven’t had any problems getting full world energy added to my counter when leveling up. I leveled up two days ago and my max energy added to what I had which was almost full.

I’ve noticed occasions when the overfill has been weirdly much lower than I was anticipating

At one point there was an issue where when your player level increased to a level that also increased your total world energy cap the extra energy you got was less than what it should have been.

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Use a can Scopley sorted this, only 1 thou👍

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