Question about weapon stat (+25% atk for the first 3 turns of every wave)


Does somebody know how stat “Bonus atk: +25% atk for the first 3 turns of every wave” work?
Is that bonus for basic attacks or rushing or both of them? I care about rush.

It’s just a 25% ATK buff for 3 turns that doesn’t stack with other ATK buffs except from Hold The Line or Berserker. (90% sure on the specialist skills stacking part)

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So, in your opinion, it is normal bonus for basic attack and rush? I won’t use attack buffs. I prefer def debuff :v:

Yes it works with rush . Since it shows on the screen

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That one should work for regular attacks and rushes. The “bonus attack when HP is more/less than x” ones will only work for basic attacks, as far as I’m aware.

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I also noticed that when less/more hp is only for basic attacks… which imo is worse than +25% attack in basic + rush (overall dmg will be higher when rush is more powerfull).

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