Question about War


Now, I know this is messed up, but Idc. Has anyone ever just played for the milestones, get bored of War, and just watch your teammates do it themselves? Now I never did or would do that, but I’m just asking if anyone else does that. :joy:


Bruh you should just consider making a “EndureAndSurvive9’s Random Thoughts” thread instead of making multiple random threads a day :joy:


Well, you make one for me then, since you’re so eager to get one up and running. Plus I’m not breaking rules by doing this, so come on man. What the heck? Lmao.


I know of a few factions that happen to have minimums that match the milestones, they had these minimums before milestones were introduced. a lot of people hit these minimums and then have the rest of the weekend off.