Question about war times

Is cross region war starting 10 am pdt or 5 pm pdt, just curious if the calendar is true, I’m hoping we start the same as the aow peeps

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Calendar says 5pm

Is that today?

This was the calendar Wednesday night

now it has changed without even acknowledging it


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you confirm the last minute start time for war as being correct. Also will this be a one off and back to normal start time like last few wars? Kinda screws over the euro player base

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If your est add 3 hours. War starts 1pm est
3pm for cst

So by 1pm I’ll be in english or 5th bell.

No. The calendar changed yesterday. Now it shows it starting at 8 pm est. They didnt say anything about the change.

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Fuck I wanted to start at school so I wouldn’t be busy.

VK doesn’t lie

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They will start after transfers end not during.

1am UK time instead of the 6pm orginally slated.

Cheers scopely :roll_eyes:


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely please change war times back. People have already made accommodations to start at 10am pdt.

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It’s either 10 am pdt to 1pm est
or 5pm pdt to 8pm est

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