Question about updated wheels? And why only off topic, topics?

Just wondering if anyone else is getting only 3* weapons and constant repeats?
I know this was the norm before but after the update for a short, sorry, short time I was able to get different characters and some 4* weapons from basic tokens.
The 5* wheel was good that short time as well but I’m back to pulling zombie hiding Michonne over and over and over.

Also is there a reason only off topic can be chosen?

Was able to change it to bugs after poste.

I’ve pulled 3 AOW shiva’s and 4 limited edition Dwight’s since update

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Yeah it seems it’s back to just repeats, which defeated the point of the update.

I have pulled 4 red Carl’s a Knox 3 red cains 3 red clementines and 2 all out war shivas not massively bother as I need the toons for fodder

Got my 5th Tripp, 4th AoW Shiva and 5th or 6th Kate today. Also have got several each of red Duane, Christa, blue Rosita, AoW Zeke, and OG Michonne. Dupes galore. Still not one ascendable. There’s several that would help me a lot too…

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u guys are in the wrong bucket
not the best but at least got camila, guardian glenn and mostly random 5 stars

my bucket has massive holes in it, for some odd reason i keep getting marlon and rosie, pulled five from that wheel and six michones… I wonder if there is going to be a bucket exchange program soon?

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