Question about this Survivors Club

so uh, how can I avoid getting charged if I join? I’m very confused on it.

Join and then go into your playstore And click where you click to view account, settings and all that there will be a subscription option. Just hit cancel and it won’t renew…assuming you’re android lol

Eh I’m not gonna risk a charge, or a Content 2 error like I see other people getting lol

It’s six days trial since it will charge you before 24 hours of seventh day

Yea I did it before the “fix” thing. I’d be pretty leery about getting locked out now…especially since I just came back from a 5 day lockout lol

Omg I’m gonna block my card if they won’t let me unsubscribe =(

I’m on Android btw

I unsubscribed instantly. No issues, that said i will be removing all my payment methods on the 5th day just in case lmao

Yeah those free pulls sucks anyway

It seems damn fishy, extremely scared of getting my account banned or charged if I cancell

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It’s a free trial, so they can’t make you keep it. And in keeping an eye on my bank account used along with screenshots showing the free trial information so that it’ll be an easy fix.

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I find it really hard to trust it but I might

Oh I don’t trust it one bit lmao which is why I’m keeping all info readily accessible to hand over to my bank if I get chsrged… including the email from Google saying I canceled

1 pull everyday, 30 pulls in a month. how much luck do you need to actually pull something decent?

Why wouldn’t you trust scopely? They always do what is fair and not just concerned about their bottom line… Wait


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