Question about the xmas event


Will it be snowglobes and Missletoe (holly) for the whole event? I know we can only get one robot out of the museum for today but should we farm these items for tomorrow’s robot or will it be different items needed tomorrow?


Yeah it was buried behind 6 other garbage offers but I did get it. Thanks :slight_smile:


According to in game message it will be those objects every time.


Well that’s good then. Going to farm them like crazy then and hope for the best.


You give us 12 santa medallion to just do one open? Merry Christmas to us!!


12 Santa Medallion should have made 12 opening… Just one opening with Rng… 95% chance of getting one tier 3 tool. Totally useless…


But If you look at the Forum, some people are happy with The event. Go figures "/


This event is all about confusion. First earn snow globes and such.

Turn those in for robots

Turn those in for tokens

Turn a hand full of tokens in for a box

Open the box and could get something.

This is really confusing but I guess it’s kind of cool. I like the gear maps.


People that are happy don’t have a clue.



You can cash in the globes and mistletoe one time only. There will be a Day 2 tomorrow where we have to Farm the different items.

All of it is worded very weird, but that’s what this is.


The way it reads (to me anyways) is that the day 1st day of carnage requires 1000 globes and 100 holly. It doesnt say anything about different items( unless i missed it) So i guess people are wondering if they can farm all the globes and holly ahead of time and just log in each day to claim a new prize


According to this message, eaxh collection will have same items


Vk shows day 2 is still globes and mistletoe so looks to stay same all the way through


It will be the same items for the collection. The collection resets daily, so you can’t farm ahead. You will have to farm the snow globes and mistletoe each day.



The “unique” prize is the bag


It’s all about misleading what @Final-Boss has been talking about but has been silenced. It shows we have enough to do 25 pulls but only spenders and #1 factions per region will get multiple pulls.

Just imagine the game being if people actually got good stuff for grinding in the efforts to get things they need


Except the number of times a collection can be completed is not any indication or sound resolution that it is the norm. There have been plenty of collections that allowed you to complete over 100 times before, but most players barely get half of the completions done, sometimes by lack of trying or not. That’s not an act of misleading; it’s just them raising the limit in case someone is able to get more than a few pulls in. We also don’t know if robots will be featured as tournament rewards too, so you’re jumping ahead in assumptions. (Just like how some people jumped ahead into assumptions of the golden nugget event).

If you want an actual act of misleading, you could reference a more correct example, like changes to the monthly pass.


My expectations are low cause I don’t give a sheet anymore dude. The is meant for who is not intelligent enough to realize that they are spending for scraps which makes the f2p people who just play for scraps. So either way the system of scopely has been rigged from the start. Also this event has more grind then the payout so I stand by my comments on this event is trash for everyone besides the #1 faction or the #1 spender.


Saying something is misleading and saying you have low expectations are 2 completely different things.

Personally, I think T4 gear is overrated. I’ll enjoy getting Wyatt and doing 1 or so pulls, but I’m playing the game in the way where I know it won’t upset me, so I can actually not get angry and whatever happens.