Question about the Necklace Event that just ended

I have a question about the necklace event that just ended.

I worked my butt off during each level up event and only managed to get 7000 necklaces. I’m not complaining, I’ll try harder next time, but I was wondering if leftover necklaces are being converted to supply depot points or if they’ll be saved and be able to be used in a future event?

Or do they just disappear and not good for anything?

Museum collection items are never converted into Supply Points if I remember rightly


Thank you!

Things could have changed since I left the game though, so I could be wrong.

And this is why any collection should have any lesser trade-in options. Even if it’s just a bunch of Liliths, Ulysses and so on. Remember Lucky Token fiasco? All those wars and all that work for less than 100 supply points.


I agree!

since i have the same problem but dont care about that they wont carry over maybe if scopely screw up something

I think you may be right

Well said.

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