Question about the Mittens

So, what I want to know is… if I make it to get ALL the milestones on each mitten without missing a single event. Will I get Knox, Maggie(already have her), Dwight(Already have him)?

Or would there be another “stash” that will give it to luck which mittens you get? Or will I be forced to buy the Mittens from the store to make it to 10.000? OR will there be another Museum collection in which we will be forced to change some sort of new item to get specific mittens but will be unable to get more than one of the toons?

Really want to know those questions before you give me an event in which it is either use my refills and get those mittens or not use my refills and make it to complete gold… Don’t even HAVE refills. Will have to use coins to get those refills…

Oh, and please for the love of god lower the milestones!

24h event. Energy recharges at 15m or so. Each road have 25 stages. We need to complete the fourth one. Basically we will need 25x4=100 energy.

If 1 energy recharges each 15m… then we will need more than 1500 minutes. Which in hours is 25h.

Basically, If you make it to play SINCE the event dropped and played without letting the energy reach 8… you will make it to complete gold but not elite. That is without taking on account sleeping, or going to family events or going to the beach or mall or to watch a movie.

This is pure unfairness. Moreso for someone who woke up eight hours after the event began. Now I have to get yes or yes refills with my coins which I was saving for Christmast stash/premier recruits…

At least drop a roadmap that gives four or so survival road energy.

P.S. My math may be wrong. Probably? People tell me it isn’t but gonna leave it up to you.

Actually possible to complete if you play 24h non stop since the event dropped. Game gives you 8 energy when it starts, basically -2h to that 25h wait which makes it 23h.

Either way, I woke up three hours after the event dropped. Which goes on the point I put above about other situations such as sleeping being accounted.

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Maggie, not Molly.

Oh, yeah. Thanks! Just edited it.

ur just not dedicated enough, one should be in this game 24 7 and also be sinking all ur money into the game
it’s like a colt once ur in u may never come out


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