Question about the Lydia bug


I’ve done a lot of pulls in the past so decided to drop 20 on this and didn’t get her? Can somebody tell me how to fix this bug so I can get her in a single pull


Have you tried selling your soul and offering up your bank account as a sacrifice?


Lmao what bug?


The only bug here is that someone somehow managed to pull her under $200 worth of pulls


I mean they already have my soul and I’ve paid for other toons that I never get but this bug is out of control just crazy


The bug where I didn’t get my Lydia


Hopefully they address this soon and gift you 2 Lydia for your trouble


Yeah they should man I’m not irish or lucky


I had that bug lol


they seem to never fix it I never get anything good and when i do just dupe city of f2p toons


Dont worry, as soon as this bug is fixed, probably very soon™, you shall get an elegant encense, 2 grenades and a 5* Christa thats gonna be ascendable in no more than 14 years.

Just be patient.

And keep on surviving, of course.


Contact Scopely, wait for about a year, do three spins, bring it around town and burn your wallet.


Oooh I have Christa!


What bug u talking about? You‘re just unlucky! I make 10x 10 Pulls an get her :wink:



Nice Art work!


Thanks mate, spent days on that masterpiece


You‘re Welcome bra Love dat stuff^^


Great for you mate, she is bound to become a gamebreaker, I can feel it in my veins … at the very worst, she is definitely bound to become more usefull than she actually is !


spent about $70 2 other guys I know did 10 pulls and got her