Question About the Change of Skull Tokens for a Pull

Would’ve gotten about 300 coins from this event anyway so I’m not complaining.

Sure, inner lighting due to retention makes you the perfect replacement for a desk lamp. Helps developers to hit the right keys.

Like it or not, it is an unfair advantage. The ripples of this unchecked you don’t want to experience. Wendygate caused ripples for a long time and that was a smaller mistake overall.

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Wtf…ripples? Man this isn’t some life altering circumstance, some folks got a few thousand extra coins, maybe a few got lucky and got 16k, big whoop they might get a promo or two out of it. Half or those people would have likely spent their own cash to get those same promos, the other half might have been f2p and deserved the boost.

Move on, get over it, don’t be so dramatic.


Fix it scopley…

Guys, clearly the 1k tokens to do 1 pull is a temporary change to prevent players from using their pulls right now until the issue is fixed. Given that there’s still 20 days or so for the event, it’s not an immediate issue.

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