Question about "TeamPlayer" level 5 weapon

Hello guys,

I have a question about armory and TeamPlayer.

“IF” im lucky and get some TeamPlayer on some weapons how would it be then?

Let’s say my def could be:

Laopoo (green with AP DOWN)
Doc (with TeamPlayer)
Lydia (ABSO - TeamPlayer)
Andrea Shield (ABSO - TeamPlayer)
Doc (with TeamPlayer)

Now - TeamPlayer:
FastHealing: Up to two teammates regain 10% HP per Turn for each FAST teammate on the team.

So the Conlusion:

4 Weapons with TeamPlayer
4 FAST in defense

Each Weapon then give 40% to 2 Teammates HP every Turn?

= 4 Weapons = 8 teammaets 40%

So basically, with 4 weapons that have TeamPlayer, all teammates would receive 40% HP EACH turn?

2 Weapons = 4 members would get 40%

Did I understood it correct?

I read somewhere these don’t stack

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