Question about t4 toons

This war weekend, we faced a faction who will go unnamed. Quite a few of them were running teams full of t4 toons. Now the biggest spenders on our region have almost full teams of t4 toons, but they are rainbow toons. This faction had 4 alert t4 toons or 4 strong T4 toons… I don’t like accusing people of cheating but what do you guys think the likelihood of this is at this stage? The biggest spenders in our region even bought those ridiculous stashes and aren’t even close. Oh and I won’t mention how all their weapons and shivas had the perfect mods and crits lol.


“They are just lucky” comments in 3…2…1…

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Generally possible but not likely. Without hugh spending Impossible.

Wouldn’t say lucky, but RNG plays favorites and muddies the water.

I haven’t landed a single crit that is useful to my team but my faction mates land stuff seemingly all the time


I have three t4 toons (strong, tough and alert), and I am a single Whetstone from a fourth.

I have been lucky (four canteens and four GPS instead of being screwed by RNG), gave up Vincent for the gear (and got lucky there getting relatively even amounts of the four trait specific T4 gear). I’ve also worked hard on Level ups, only going in when I had the resources to hit 2m and stopping once I got there, even if it meant slipping to 12th.

How much did I spend? Nothing. All my coins (which come from Levelling up and Scavenging) get spent on war.

It did surprise me to see some factions running four alert t4s - getting so much of one trait’s t4 gear seems a tad too lucky for my liking…

spent nothing got 3 tier 4s 2 more coming up just need 6x of there main gear.

Except for my 6*'s and toons i keep low for lvlups, or 2* - 4* fodder, all are tier4.(without cheating.)

could have had handful of tier 4s if dint go trash wyatt


I don’t disagree a handful of t4 should be availble now… but all of same trait? That sounds fishy.

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Not if they went for one team set up. For me, i dint get hit with Rng bug for gear always got 2x gps/canteen for last 2 nugget events i i did 1 blue 1 red and one fast Dwight/zek/boobs am working my ass off get my main team done.

You need 24 items of the same gear (double holster, in the case of alerts).

That is quite a lot to get of any type, given it’s rarity, but to have 24 of the same type seems like a very lucky dose of RNG to me given than the majority of its availability has been via the boxes which give one of the four types. I’m not saying its not possible. Just suspicious.

To be fair, the guy did coin like crazy so he might just be a spender with more money than sense.


There was one war I fought where the person had four t4 6* in his tower team, a full DIFFERENT set on his main defense team, and he switched out his defense after I fought him with a different leader, so I am not sure how many other t4’s he had in that team… That is a total of AT LEAST 10 t4 6*'s… Yeah, nothing suspicious there…

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It’s possible. I know legit players with full t4 teams and a few on top of that with 4 same trait (about to be 5) t4s. Faction assault markers and 2 mil lvl up milestones help a lot. A little luck doesn’t hurt. I have only 1 alert t4 but have had the gear for 3 more alert. My main obstacle was my 1 canteen to 6 GPS ratio. This CRW gave me the elusive canteen but I’m waiting for something other than an army of Miraboobs to spend it on.

This one is really awkward, the chances are that with RNG somebody will have fluked hitting the right gear time after time. Wile some people complain the RNG hates them, the opposite must be true.

That said, an entire faction of them is unlikely in the extreme even with wild spending, but the tricky bit is not accusing that lucky bastard that landed on his feet.

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FA farming


It’s similar to having a team of all stun weapons. I’ve been trying to craft a stun gun for almost a year and finally got one last Friday. Are the people with 5+ cheating? Probably not but they’re definitely lucky bastards. Lol

Also, to be fair, they have released trait specific stashes with large amounts or gear for that trait. Was only 1 canteen and 1 gps for that stash was about 12-18 of the dummies and holsters, tripods and bandoliers etc

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Isn’t there a bag of 6 x items in the wheel, ie) 6 x double holsters, etc? Plus there’s always that RNG bag for the top level milestone and rewards from other places.

I’m fairly sure it’s possible with lots of spending, but could also be a cheat too.

Spending on those guaranteed stashes… Lots of luck …those 1%ers unlike the rest of us 99% rng screws over.

Usually spending on them for those 1%ers means going ready to buy it out. Like the gator stash which basically gave a player all the gear to t4 every color, plus other stashes that were specifically built for certain traits to be t4d. I personally didn’t buy them as a price of anywhere from $150 to $550 is retarded simply to advance your character 5-10% in stats.

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