Question about seeding


Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

These screenshots were both taken just a few minute ago. What decides if a group promotes 4 to diamond versus 3? And in exhibit B there’s a guy with 60k and a guy with 49k, why are they not promoted while the guy with 43k in exhibit A is? This system looks a little messed up to me

Seeding promotion


It doesn’t matter no one is going to be able to stay at the top of diamond without being a whale.


Ahhh I’m in that Exhibit A league…

Maybe it’s based on a 1st place threshold. Once No.1 hits >85k or 100k trophies, it reduces diamond zone to three people?


Oof me and my alt are both exposed. Idk I wanted to be a little anonymous but oh well. I had my brightness turned to the bottom so to me it was all black


Nice theory but no, more unknowns from Scopes



I don’t have any ss, but last w.e. at some point the diamond promotion was for 4, then dropped down to 3. So who knows


My thought is possibly total number of players in that seeding event? Maybe the higher the total number the more that make it to diamond?


damn look at all that effort. to keep in 1st. Wallet is extremely dedicated.



Mine has changed again, any comment @JB.Scopely?


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