Question about save

Hello all
I am new here on the forum so hello.
I have a question about the saving progress on this game.
I linked my Fb account a while ago
but when i check on my pc at my games at Fb it says Twd rts
BUT it says i last played it 2 months ago…while i played it one min ago

Dose this means there a 2 month old save on my Fb???
And if yes how do i update it?
I play this game on my mobile and i just press the twd rts icon and the game starts…
I never loggin threw Fb .

Also i wrote down my account code ,and bought some stuff out of the store so i have payment prove.
Is this enough for when my phone breaks i can ask Scopely to transfer my updated game to new device?
Because i readed some horror story’s.
With my payments i atleast know i can legally prove its my account.

Thanx all

removing the game from your face book and phone is the best option for you to use here

A lot of time when you switch devices it takes a few minutes to catch up to real time, just play a few levels and recheck activity log. It has always caught up for me.