Question about Ransack

Ransack: Attacks steal up to two Positive effects from the enemy you attack

I was looking through the strong epic effect options and was leaning toward trying for this one, but I wanted to be sure I understood how it worked.

When it says steal, do the positive effects get removed from the enemy and placed onto your toon or does it just copy two buffs? Also what are considered positive effects? Heal Over Time? Focus? Elusive? Pain Split?

Focus, elusive, attack up and defence up, crit up, defence and attack down block and pain split

I was literally just wondering this myself. Do painsplit, heal over time and attack up/def down block not count?

Should be literally anything positive, which should include heals over time so you could steal lets say frost heal.

Scopely competent enough to program it to copy pain split from 2 toons onto another 2 opposing toons? Ha! They’d break the game.

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Who wants pain split though :joy:

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Lol true

At first read, I only thought it removed their positives effects…I did not read that as if it would then give them to you. If it does, that’s pretty awesome.

Anyone able to test or verify this?

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