Question about premier recruit pull bonuses



If I do a 40 pull on the premier recruits, do I get 4 times the bonuses? It gives several bonuses for 10 or more pulls.


Each 10 = bonus shown.
Always the same bonus.
Can be bought in any size.

Though I would ask…
If you did a big pull, and got the advertised toon in the first ten… Wouldn’t you feel silly having grabbed those extra 30 fodder toons…


I have saved forever to get enough coins, don’t steal my thunder… I have done a couple of 10’s and generally got dupes or fodder as you call them. Just figured I would give it a try and see what happened. I am mixed in the decision, thinking I will get a bunch of junk that I don’t need. Same as the 10 pulls only more of it. I have learned Scopely doesn’t do us any favors.


Do some 10 pulls instead of a straight up 40 pull, that way as was stated above you don’t get +30 or however many 4 stars and instead save the rest of the coins (considering you pulled a good toon) for another Premier wheel or whatever.


Unless it’s a good character that you would want 2 or more of, then I say try your luck.


You’d have to factor the trade off in how much you’d save if you did 4 10x rather than 1 40x. Else, it’s a simple yes to do 10 and get what you want rather than 40.


3 pulls difference.
8800 vs 8200


Okay, just for the curious… I ended up doing 4 10 pulls and got the red ascendable Governor decent, 1 dupe 5* Maggie and 38 POS 4*. Meh…


Shoulda did a straight 40 Pull