Question about Maim

I searched the forums already and can’t find any answer. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Does maim damage stack?

Yes, IT stacks

Great info in that Combat Reference Guide post, probably easiest to bookmark that thread and check there first before trying search.


So if you maim an opponent for say 1000 and they have full hp and bonus hp will it take any of the bonus hp off or will that stay full?

to my understanding, maim only affects base HP, but understand that once base HP is gone, the character dies. I.e. if Koa has 100 base hp, but 2000 bonus HP from lydia, and regina rushes or he is affected by burn/bleed, he’ll die.

So the bonus hp will stay. But if taken and filled with a fresh ar rush it won’t go above the new hp total correct?

Yes, as long as it isn’t cleansed by gabe, mackenzie, zachary. I.e. Koa’s Hp is cut but 1000 by Zachary from 3000–>2000, max base HP koa can recover is 2000. If Zachary rushes again, base HP gets cut to 1000 an so on.

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Sweet. Thank y’all.

Maim will deal a finite amount of damage to health. If a character you are attacking has 3k hp and 100% bonus hp then lets say you use reigna she will deal 3k straight to the characters life. So that would leave the character with 1400 hp. In a sense if you have multiple maim characters on a team it is actually much better to deal hp damage then damage to bonus so you can kill them quicker. It is unmodifiable so for a weapon i recommend something oriented to defence or support.

Thank you rngesus for giving 20+ gold useless maim resist mods during the first 4 months of mods being introduced. I knew there was going to be a day where you became useful. Just took a year I think.

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