Question about maim resist mod

Is it normal if you use a character like Regina, hit with the ar, to cause 0 damage because that character has a maim resist mod activate?
Just wondering if that is correct or is it as designed?
Seems to me there should be some sort of damage.

I hit shield Andrea with it and it did nothing but popup with the resist icon.

If it maim resists, it has a % chance of, erm, resisting. So a maim won’t do any damage. Because that’s, erm, like what the mod is for.

The higher %, the more chance it has of resisting. So you can still do maim damage sometimes but not every time (like you could if there wasn’t a mod).

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All resist mods work the same it’s a percentage based chance to 100% resist an effect whether it is stun impair or maim

And this is why Regina should be a lot less effective. Not enough people have maim resist mods even though most people either use green maim Rick, a shiva maim or Regina.

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I know it says maim resist, but 0 damage seems crazy just because the maim part is blocked.
Especially with absolute defence weapons. You waste 3 minutes building up ar, if you’re lucky not to be auto playing or stunned because of the other things.
With real wins in short supply, I like to count just killing 1 character a win, before losing.

Thanks for the replies, didn’t realize it was just maim she does on ar.


Since maim is the only damage she does then maim resist would effectively make the damage 0 if it is active. Would be the same with Mia or any other toon that just does Maim damage

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Lol yeah i dont have any maim resist mods

Why resist maim when stun,confuse, and etc. Are in the game? Maim is just damage and the character can still act whether or not they’re affected by it

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Because maim is solid damage and kills most time…zachary, Regina and Mia can essentially one shot toons so ppl would rather get stunned, confused or taunted and cleanse thru it than die. Especially if the maim is on a decap toon!

Also maim ignores bonus hp, and reduces the amount you can heal back…so it’s top priority!

Never been a personal issue for me. The toons are usually dead before they can get bonus HP and even then their real HP is low enough to where michelle and Charlie’s bleed takes them out

I was just stating why ppl use maim resist over the old popular mods. Sounds like you haven’t experienced double Zachary going off 2nd turn

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I have. I just flee at that point. No sense in modding up characters to counter one really OP one. Although, if I can help it I will always try to defeat a team before I flee.

Lol well if you’re just gonna run away then yeah who needs it. It is definitely situational, but i have a team for war with mckenzie and a couple hard hitting blues with double attack and maim resist mods just for those maim teams. I don’t like to lose to the same team twice.

Maim perm depletes hp (so can kill the likes of each and other vitality way more easily) unless resisted/healed. It’s the only way i’ve Found to take out vitality toons if you can’t Kill them in one.

You need to think through what maim does and when it can be used.

I know exactly what maim can do. Regina is a very nice decap and zach is plain busted. However, most of the teams I run for offense focus only on damage. So not even Mercer’s vitality with his weapon is enough to keep him alive especially when a disarm is present.

It’s more than one really op toon tho. Sheild jesus, Mia, Zachary, Leon, regina, etc…all current meta toons. So you see them more often than not! So mods have to change accordingly.

Maim resist mods are actually perfect for the current meta, I actually stopped using regina for the time being because of them. But to be fair when she came out I could just throw up erika lead, magna, ty, a guardian and regina, hit 3x auto and walk away and win 99% of battles…which brings up the point of how stale this game is getting.

I’ve really only had issues with zach. 800 damage to 2 isnt much with jesus’ rush, I usually taunt the shield and focus regina till she’s done and Leon only does normal damage.

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