Question about level up


Dunno, this goes more towards everyone. Are the milestones going to continue being so broken? Trying to reach 250k points is impossible to me now. Three level ups with those milestones and tried my hardest to reach 250k each time for the special items and it sucks. Already made it to reach tier 4 with more than eight 5* and they are all around level 60…

Not to mention, I have used most of my 5* on solo level up ONLY to get those special items for the blue weapon in the museum! There have only been ONE faction level up and now I don’t know how I’m supposed to stay on a good amount of points when a faction level up comes.

So, just asking. Is this thing going to continue on the first milestone being 150k then second 250k for all the tournaments? Cause it sucks. Going to try and complete the objectives on the next one and see how it goes because 3* and 4* I have a plenty. Reaching 100k with only 4* continue being hard thou. Not to mention, my 6*? Only have two and both of them are maxed out on level 80(tier 3) and level 70(tier 2) so no points from them in a loooong time.

Anyone have the answer?


I am lacking walkie talkies for my 5*s and I am no longer able to get 250k points because of that. For all I know, it could go on forever since this strategy is proved Scopely successful for making money. They been starving players of resources and gear, forcing them to buy their crappy offers to reach the milestones and get the collection items. The people who currently don’t have Dwight’s gun may never get it, and they might do the same thing with Dwight: the star of the event.


Even more than that are the higher milestones: 500k, 750k, 1.25 and 5 mil. I am in an active region and not one (not 1 person) got the final milestone. 3 just got to the 1.25mil milestone. I am in 16th place and at 640k and will not make it to the 750k milestone. With so many level ups in the past month nearly all players that competed for them are running out of 6*'s to level up because they cannot t4 any yet, they don’t have enough special gear to get more to t3 or don’t have enough ultra gear to get to t3. Plus with Ascendance medals rare to get I know I cannot get a 6th 5* to ascend. I know many others in our #1 faction in our region that are in the same boat. It used to be all milestones were achieved by 250k, now you can only get 2 milestones in that amount…that doesn’t make sense at all plus it takes so many resources to Ascend a 5* from the beginning all the way.


I have no idea how my region keeps doing this:

I struggled to get 250k. :,(


Meh, reaching 1million seems easy to so many spenders in most regions. But to reach 4million? Either hacks or those dudes use 700$ buying things from the game… which… I feel pity on them. Who the fuck spends money in something that is supposed to be fun? Uh… to everyone their own I think? Meh.Just want to know if this is something that will stay like this or not. Because it seriously sucks.