Question about league


So the stores from leagues goes:
Then what Is diamond?. Only the top 3 get into diamond but what is it? A secret society? A hidden store? Some expllaiiiin lol


I’d laugh if it was meant to catch cheaters.


Lmao yes well it can’t be, I think I’m in first.


Well I’m sure there’s a cheater somewhere :man_shrugging:


I am guessing they just have much better rewards in terms of coin and league trophies


Click on any store level and you will see that they all contain identical items. The catch is unless you are platinum you can’t buy the best gear like gold mods and canteens. Diamond just gives more tokens to spend in the store over every other level. It also works as a shortcut to take you to that section.


“Unless you are platinum…” Ye I get that. But what’s diamond? There’s no store for diamond… Am I wasting my team holding on to first? If I’m getting the same rewards as platinum



I’m also currently in first.

Pretty sure we will get all new premiers for fffffffrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Woohoo. We are in the secret society!!!


Platinum and higher have access to all the store. Not sure what perks diamond has other than more coins and trophies.



I’ll never get to 1st bc in mine #1 is somebody from bell(ja) and he has over 130k atm


I’ve seen a 250k score and minimum 150k to break top 3. So it could be worse.


Shit I meant 230 lol… I thought I was doing good at 135


My faction is at 4th and we are on 3rds ass… I’ve been busting my ass raiding and using territory refills


Diamond is giving 22.8k in tokens as opposed to to the 9.3k from Platinum and an extra 200 coins. That’s the incentive and this is just the seeding round.

As far as the shop is concerned I’m glad they did not restrict the GPS and canteens to diamond level only. That would exclude a ton of players.

So far so good. Will pass final judgement when we can see just how many tokens it’s going to cost for everyday necessary items like night vision goggles and such.


Will league store and season one both open as soon as seeding will finish?


I’m on 160k


Should do


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