Question about league demotion

I’m in plat 5 at the moment and I’m seeing that if you get demoted, you only get 420 coins instead of the 680 for plat 5, which is no problem. If I’m demoted to plat 4, will I be stuck getting 420 coins or will I get plat 4’s 660 coins per week.

Just wondering if the penalty for demotion lasts a whole season or if the penalty is only for that current week.

Plat 4 you get 660, demotion from 4 to 3 is 410 coins

So its better to be at the top of plat for than the bottom of plat 5?

If you are in Plat 4 for the weekly stretch, then you get Plat 4 coins for that week. If you are in Plat 5 for the weekly stretch, then you get Plat 5 coins for that week. All that matters is which league you’re in for the weekly stretch.

Weekly, all depends on your current league for the weekly stretch.

It is better to be at the top of one league below you than to be at the bottom of your current league. The demotion coins are a penalty for being inconsistent with your play score.

I’m in plat 1 and I sit there and chill getting 600 coin per week

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How about you stop bragging, and demote yourself to gold IV so other players can enjoy that 600 coin bonus. :smile:

I arn’t bragging people here are scoring big fat zeros in this league so it is quite simple.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I know. Was just joking sarcastically. I put :smile: face at end. I cannot wait to get in plat one next week, then keep on going.


Mine shows everyone in the league regardless of promotion, demotion, or staying gets the same amount of coins for the week. Can you show a screenshot of one that shows lower coin reward for demotion?

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Maybe it doesn’t change in diamond, I’m not sure. I’m seeing what Cosby above posted. 680 coins and then 420 coins for demotion.

That’s really odd.

That’s how it’s been since it’s started, you get less coins when demoted, it’s the penalty for not pushing.

I had no idea this was a thing. I’ve been sitting in platinum 1 since the beginning and the amount of coins everyone gets, no matter what their individual ranks are, are the same across the board.

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