Question about Leader skill and team grade

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Question: does the leader skill affect the team’s grade? for example ‘‘40% hp to all teammates’’ etc.
I ask because we all know that mods do affect the team’s grade but yet I’m not sure if the same goes with the Leader’s skill. Thanks.

It does

Fairly sure it doesn’t actually, which is why you see a difference in stats when you just look at the team as a whole, but when you look at individuals when in battle they are boosted.

See here, Alpha has 3093 attack in the saved team, but once in battle the leader skill of 40% attack is added & it’s over 5000

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what matters is how many toons get affected by the leader skill

It is factored into team grades now. It not making a difference before you enter a battle has no impact.

Yes it does… same toons and same weapons… one with Alice leader skill and one without Alice leader skill.

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It’s been said before, what isn’t clear is how things like AP bonuses factor into the team grade. Because they definitely do, but it moves beyond the simple “attack plus defence plus HP” of old

thanks Rickygrimes, that’s pretty clear now!
thanks guys for all the responses

I would say no. I added up my team grade when I was battling after the leader Effected the attack and such and my team grade was over s10. Yet we have not seen a s10 team yet.

Why don’t they take the “battling” team scores?

The team grade for the multiplier for league are based off the team composition grade shown in my screen… so I go by that.