Question about Kicking right after faction event


If I kick a member right after faction event ends do they get rewards?


Pretty sure they will still get them. Not 100% sure on that though.


last time i saw thst done thry didnt. Its a 50/50 on odds about it.


Damn…looking for 100 percent sure @kalishane any insight please?

I’m not too familiar with all the devs here so if anyone is please tag any scopely personnel who could potentially answer


Try @CombatMan & @CombatDevIl they will know I’m sure.


cant kick them till after rewards i thought?


Don’t do it. I’ve seen players miss out on rewards after faction survival road. Supposed to prevent kicking until rewards were out but seems they never applied it when they added SR tourneys


Can’t kick anyone out till rewards come anyway.


I thought that as well but I’ve never tried it so I’m not sure.


I hope the gap between events is more than 1 hr tomorrow cuz otherwise it’s dumb haha


As the @Wanderer mentioned, you can kick after a faction SR tournament, and a faction member can leave, before SR awards are received. Apparently SR is immune to the rules all other faction tourneys abide by. Both should be disallowed. @CombatDevIl can you double check this? It sure looks like improper behavior.


Just close the factions during events if you don’t want someone jumping in at the end…


You have to wait until after rewards are handed out to leave or kick. Player’s have left fac’s before rewards came out, lost out on getting them


They will not get the rewards if you kick them before the rewards come in If you kick them after rewards come in they will get them