Question about "hold the line"

I’m considering inserting a hold the line toon into one of my defenses and this thought occurred to me: in this day of multiple revive toons, does hold the line activate every time a toon is killed even if it’s been killed before? In theory, a toon whose teammates are dying and reviving over and over could become a Negan-tank-level beast.

Secondarily, if this toon is killed and revived, do the boosts reset?

Any help is appreciated. :sunglasses:

Hold the line bonus goes away when a teammate is revived.


The toon with hold the line will gain def and attack for every teammate dead, but if a teammate is revived you lose that bonus for hold the line.

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Hold the line is probably something I would say is useless. It was great on the five stars that had it after it was launched when the characters were generally left to be the last man standing which is the only time it shines.

Flaws being

1# if your teammates are revived the bonus subtracts. So if 3 teammates died and you have 75% bonus and one of your revives revive another teammate then its now 50% bonus.

2# the enemies can remove the bonus anyway if they have abilities to take defense and attack from their enemies.

3# just in general takes too much just to make that character shine when its not about what one can do for himself but what one can do for the team is the name of the game.

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Useless? I don’t think so. Try killing Aris with one toon left, impossible.


For you it is am sure

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Yea, I guess so. Hehehe… :joy:

Anyone else think this thread was going to be a discussion about Toto’s lesser known hit?


It doesn’t take much to activate hold the line. And if the bonus is removed it comee back the next turn. You can make the hold the line shine by putting other toons with dangerous ARs in. So a choice has to made to either take out really dangerous ARs, or take time later to beat on the HTL toon. Which could be bad in say war

Thanks guys. Of course, the toon in question is Aris. I’m using yellow Shiva to great effect on melee defense, but she is truly an attack toon so I’m finally leveling Aris to replace her.

Who says it’s lesser known?!


I really want to see one on one between hold the line toon fight each other when other teammates already wiped out of the floor… seriously if somebody can show the images it’d be an epic battle or really boring one lol

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Iv e had it happen, when its yellow or blue vs red/green a stun, if stun is on the rng side then it’s no issue

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I dont have vid or pics but i had my wyatt fight another wyatt and it came down to just those 2, i only won cause mine had stun and i got lucky by stunning that wyatt almost everytime but damn that dragged out lol

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Well it certainly hasn’t sparked its own meme

I usually don’t have a problem with Aris but she has ruined my day every once in a while, especially when she slips in a rainbow team and I have a blue attack team, she’s wrecked my whole team as last one standing with impair resist, rushed and killed 3 T4 6* blues.
If she’s up against Green she’s toast though.


If you attack with a full blue team and leave Aris for last, then you alone are to blame.

I actually think HTL is pretty lackluster. These toons generally don’t give me headaches in raids/war.

On a one shield, Gabe lead team with Lydia and yellow Glenn locked in, one spot up for grabs, would you guys use Aris, yellow Ty, yellow Shiva, stun Shiva, or other type of toon? I don’t have a second melee shield.

personally i would choose stun shiva

True but IIRC it was because the other toons were an immediate threat. Aris had also always been such a non factor I overlooked her. I don’t make that mistake anymore if I’m caught in that situation