Question about guardian


I know at one point, if you had two guardian characters on your team at the same time, only one would produce a guardian shield per turn, no matter if both crit. Is this still the case?


If u have a guardian 1 toon on your team, u can only produce 1 shield/turn, even if u land two or more crit atks/turn.
If u have a guardian 2 toon on your team, u can only produce 2 shields/turn, even if u land more crit atks/turn.


No you have a hard limit of shields that can go up depending on guardian I or II.

If you have a Guardian II in your team you can have 2 shields max / turn.
If you have only Guardian I in your team you can have 1 shield max / turn.

as an example if you have 6* ezekeil and 5* rick (one handed yellow guardian one) in your team you can have 2 shields max per turn. Let’s say you attack with rick first and you get a crit and 1 shield up then you get a crit with zeke he ll only a 1 more shield instead of two.

If you attack with ezekiel first and get a crit you ll reach the limit of 2 shield and no other guardian cap pop a shield on that turn.


That’s what I figured, I saw so many people complaining about zeke being added to the wheel because they were concerned about people running multiples on defense, but it seemed like an unfounded concern based on my understanding of how guardian works.


Yes it can be a failsafe just in case the 1st one does not crit.


But it won’t ever be a “I ran 3 so my whole team got shields turn 2” kinda thing, right?


Yup you can only have 2 shields up per turn even if you run 5xZeke :wink:



Gotcha. Greedy boss wanted a second one for territories/towers :smiling_imp:


Thank you, that is how I thought it would work. I appreciate the video confirmation


I want another Ezechiel cause I sacrificed the first one to ascend Shiva … didn’t notice the power of guardian II…


Thank you for this @BlurryTrace.

My question is… Can a guardian guard a guardian in a garden of gardenias?? :house_with_garden: :wilted_flower: :four_leaf_clover: